Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Dress

One of my most favorite memories growing up is always getting to get an Easter dress! Easter is such an important day as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and we always got to get a new outfit to wear to church! This is Mallory's 3rd Easter and the third year that we've gone Easter dress shopping. Last Monday night, my Mom (Nana), Mallory and I headed to get Mallory's Easter dress. We went to Dillards because they have so many really pretty dresses so I wanted to start there. We found the most beautiful pink dress but I wanted to make sure I got the right size so we went into the fitting room to try it on.

Now, last time we went into the fitting room at Christmas to try an outfit on, Mallory had a meltdown because she couldn't wear the outfit home. So, before we went in to try the Easter dress on, I told her she was just going to put it on for a minute and that she couldn't wear it home. I thought we were pretty clear on the matter but I was dead wrong. 

I let her admire herself in the mirror for a while and then I approached her to take it off and she had the meltdown above all meltdowns. She did not want to take her dress off. I'm so thankful my Mom was there but there was nothing neither she or I could do to get Mallory to stop from screaming about not wanting to take the dress off. We finally got it off of her so I could pay for it

Her Easter dress is now in her closet where she can't see it until Easter :) I'm afraid of what will happen if she sees it before then and tell her she can't put it on. Can you tell she really loves her new dress??

And then there's me. I usually don't wear dresses. I have my go-to dresses that I wear to weddings and other events and I'll wear one to church every now and then but I'm not a dress girl. That might have changed though because I found some really cute dresses at Target! For Easter, I do try to get a new dress too to wear and this year was no different. Mallory and I headed to Target because I saw some pretty dresses there earlier in the week and I wanted to try them on. I found a pretty coral dress that I really liked. 

After getting the thumbs up from Brian after I sent him the pic, I texted my girl friends to tell them that I actually a dress this year and then the hilarious conversation ensued:

It cracks me up everytime I read this. I have NO fashion sense whatsoever and I was for certain the Melody was asking me if it was for Easter. I had - and still have no idea what eyelet was :) We were all cracking up through this whole conversation. Love my friends!!

And so, this ends the tale of the two Easter dresses...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Egg Decorating

Sunday afternoon, I told Mallory we could dye and decorate eggs. She had picked out her decorating materials the day before. I know you are all shocked that she picked Disney Princesses as the decorations but a girl likes what she likes! We got ready to start and I realized, I hadn't boiled the eggs...Mom I told she had to wait a little longer until I boiled the eggs. Thankfully she found something to occupy the time until everything was ready!

Yes, one day, she decided to decorate her a at the table with all of her stickers. So, that is always Mallory's chair now!

Of course I have to do a comparison pic from last year:

Crazy how much a difference a year makes!

We got everything out on the table and got ready to start the dyeing process

Brian came over to help get all of the eggs out of the cups. Mallory was right by his side to help him!

Once the eggs dried, it was time to put the stickers on and decorate the eggs

Not going to lie, there was a meltdown by the 2 year old halfway through decorating. She kept wanting to put the wrap around the eggs and couldn't figure it out so she got frustrated and slammed an egg down on the table and broke it :/ which sent her right to time-out. Oh the fun.

She finally made it back to the table and finished decorating the rest of the eggs

And I got this shot when I told her to show me her egg

Love making these memories with by little girl!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Anniversary Getaway

Friday afternoon, Brian and I headed to Beavers Bend, Oklahoma to celebrate our anniversary. We booked a cabin in Beaver's Bend and we were looking forward to getting away.

Our cabin was called Starlight Creek and was really nice

We agreed to just get each other cards since the trip was our present to each other but my wonderful husband surprised me with a new bible! The one I had was completely falling apart. I guess that means it has been used well. I love my new bible and I Brian is going to take it to get my name put on it.

Friday afternoon, we played pool and relaxed. I won one game and then Brian won the rest. We are not pool sharks for sure. For dinner, we headed to a local pizza place called The Grateful Head and it was delicious!

When we got back to our cabin Friday night, we continued the tradition on our anniversary of watching our wedding video. It's always so fun to watch it! I looked much younger 5 years ago!

Saturday morning, we slept in, relaxed, napped, and repeat. We rested most of the day and it was so great! Saturday night, we went to dinner and then drove around the lake. I'm so sad that I forgot to take my regular camera so all of our pictures together are from my phone and Brian holding it taking our picture.

We went to the lake right as the sun was setting and got some pretty pics

I love him!

Sunday, we woke up and headed home. We knew it was going to rain most of the day so we wanted to get out and get home. Plus, I was really ready to see Mallory. I know she had a wonderful weekend with Nana and Papa and Uncie, Auntie, Caleb and Cade.

I'm so thankful we were able to get away and spend some quality time together. It was relaxing, refreshing and wonderful for our marriage!

Friday, April 4, 2014

5 Years!

April 4, 2009 I married my best friend. I can't believe it's been 5 years but here we are! He asked me "if I wanted to do this thing or what?" in August 2007 and of course, I said Yes to start dating! Who could resist such an offer?? He proposed in Tampa, FL in August 2008 and we were married on 4/4/09. It was one of the best days of my life! 

A lot has changed in 5 years, including my hair, but our love for each other has grown. We are closer now than we ever have been and our marriage grows stronger every day as our relationship with God continues to grow. These 5 years have had many ups and downs but we've always made it through, together. I'm so proud of my husband and am so blessed to be his wife!  

Today is our 5 year wedding anniversary but I wanted to include some of our pictures from when were dating, engaged and after we were married. I did notice that after Mallory was born, there's only a handful of just Brian and I together but we can't not take pics with our beautiful daughter! 

Who knew 5 years ago that we would now be working at the same company and in just a week, working on the same project?? Life is funny sometimes! Here's to 5 years and I'm looking forward to many more!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Birthday Weekend Wrap-Up

I told Brian earlier last week that I didn't know if we would be able to do a lot for his birthday because sometimes coordinating schedules with everybody gets hard but it actually worked out where we could get together with all our family for dinners all weekend long to celebrate his birthday!

Friday night, we got ready and headed out to On The Border for dinner with Rob, Stephanie, Caleb, Cade, Pop, Mimi and Mimi's mom - Mrs. Ward. I love that Mallory's hair is now long enough to put in a ponytail but it makes her looks so grown up to me. She looks so big in this picture:

I didn't get a good picture because we were all chatting it up the whole time. We had a great time and of course, the food was great. We love On The Border and I'll take chips and queso any day!

Saturday morning, we headed out to celebrate another birthday - Liam turned 3!! I cannot believe this little boy is 3! I'm so grateful for the sweet friendship that he and Mallory have! They do love each other! Mallory could not wait to go to Sheriff Liam's party!

Lyndsey did a great job with all of the decorations. Each kid got a cowboy hat and Mallory really liked wearing hers. She also loved the popcorn and, of course, cake!

Liam got a new truck for his birthday! So, Mallory just decided to get in with him to go for a ride. Now 3, soon 16. That's if her Daddy lets her out of the house :) It was a wonderful party with our sweet friends! We love The Lofland family and enjoy getting to celebrate with them!

Saturday afternoon, we headed to dinner with my parents and my brothers and their families. Brian picked BJ's and I was so glad because BJ's is one of my favorite places to eat! Unfortunately, Kiersi and Eva both got sick and the brothers and families were unable to come so we ate with Nana and Papa. We missed them all but still had a great time with my Mom and Dad, We always love being with them!

I was so happy I got a great picture of my two loves! After dinner, they brought out a birthday pizookie for Brian! Mallory offered to help blow out the candle after we sang Happy Birthday to Brian. The pizookie at BJ's is soooo good! 

Sunday morning, we headed to church. It was such a beautiful morning! Mallory put her sunglasses on and was ready to go!

Sunday night, we headed to Brian's Aunt Pam's and Uncle Kam's to eat dinner with them for Brian's birthday. Pam made Brian's favorite - Chicken Fried Steak!

Brian was so excited about his chicken fried steak and his banana pudding. Mallory was so excited to see Pappy and Grammy so it was a wonderful night for everybody.

And that birthday weekend is a wrap!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Happy 34th Birthday to our favorite man!

I'm so blessed to call this man my husband and Mallory is so blessed to be able to call him Dad.

As I was going through pictures to put on the blog, I came across this one that I don't remember seeing before. I loved it. It shows how much Mallory loves her Daddy. They are two peas in a pod.

And just because it's fun to pull out old photos for birthdays, I found this one that I had to share:

Brian and his older brother, Rob. Ha! Love the bowtie!

Happy Birthday Brian! WE LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This Child of Mine

Oh the adventures with an almost 3 year old. Almost 3 years old - I can't believe I'm typing that. Gulp. It is so fun to see her grow up and learn new things. I love hearing her little voice. I love her big hugs and her sweet kisses. And then we all know there is the other side of a 2 year old. And that side made an appearance on Friday morning. I wanted to write this down so I wouldn't forget.

We are in the midst of potty training and I have to say what a great job Mallory is doing. Friday morning, we woke up to get ready for the day. I told Mallory how proud I was that she hadn't had an accident all night but I knew she would need to go to the potty soon since she didn't go all night. I told her twice to go to the potty but she kept saying no. I usually don't give her a choice and just put her on the potty right after she wakes up but this time, I was busy getting ready so I figured she would just go on her own. Wrong. I shouldn't have given the two year free will. I went to the closet to get my clothes and she followed me in. I turned around and she was just standing there staring at me, she smiled and then peed right there on the carpet. Right in front of me. She knew what she was doing and just kept right on. I laugh about it now but at the time, it was the maddest I had ever been with her in her whole entire life! Whose child is this that would just start at her parent and totally defy what I've been asking her to do? Must be her Father's child. Needless to say, I'm sure she won't be doing that again anytime soon.

Then cut to Sunday afternoon when we both laid down for a nap. Mallory wanted me to give her a hug and then she wanted to give me a kiss so kissed me on my cheek and for some reason her cute little lips tickled my cheek and I started laughing. She kept kissing my cheek because she saw me laughing which made her start laughing and it was one of the sweetest moments. Our nap was postponed due to contagious laughter. I had to make sure I wrote this down because it is definitely something I never want to forget!

So many memories being made - good memories and memories that I know I will laugh when I look back at them. I'm enjoying it all and am thankful for this crazy girl!