Friday, October 17, 2014

Five on Friday & Friday Favorites


So many of my friends and family are having babies and I'm loving it! And here is my go to gift, so if you are having a shower in the near future and are reading this blog, act surprised :) I love these orbit labels from InchBug because they don't just go around bottles, they can be used for sippy cups and water bottles as the kids grow. You just order a color and put the name on the label and you are good to go. We used them for all Mallory's bottles and drinks, especially for church and school so we know and others know for sure which one is hers. 


We received mail from our World Vision child, Auther, yesterday! He has grown so much since we picked him to sponsor almost 5 years ago. His picture that we first saw is on the bottom left and now he is growing up in the next picture. He wrote us a note and gave us an update on all that he is learning. I wish I could hug his neck!


In other mail news, we received our Kiwi Crate shipment. We will open it this weekend but Mallory and I are looking forward to the fun that is inside!


In random news, I'm addicted to these. That's all.


A couple of weeks ago, our pastor said that during his quiet time, he reads a chapter of Proverbs everyday. Since there are 31 chapters in Proverbs there is basically one for every day of the month. I've started doing it too and I love it! I'm really soaking in every word and it talks so much about being wise and not foolish in your words and actions. I'm learning so much and am always striving to be the Proverbs 31 woman. So much great wisdom in each chapter.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

And here are some more pics to round out our long weekend together.

Mallory now needs her pom-poms to perform for us all the time and I know she will be excited to take them to games now

We got to see my good friend and one of Mallory's favorite people, Lauren

These two snuggled together

I walked in one morning and saw all of Mallory's stuffed animals and her Doc McStuffin's doctor's kit. I realized that Doc McStuffins was on TV and she was giving her animals check-ups :)

And we danced. We love Mercy Me's song "Shake" It has a great message and it's really fun to Shake! 

Quality Time is my love language so this weekend made my heart so full. I loved every minute!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

Sunday, we headed to a place called The Gentle Zoo that also has a pumpkin patch. The one we usually go to is closed this year so we had to search for another one. This pumpkin patch looked like the one we usually go to so we headed that way.

I got this cute outfit at Kid to Kid not too long ago and I was so excited that it was cool enough outside for her to wear it to the pumpkin patch. I asked for a picture before we left and this is what I get these days

We got there not too long after it opened for the day so it wasn't crowded at all and like it felt perfect outside. Great Fall day to go1

We had a some nice animals greet us as we walked up and Mallory wanted nothing to do with them

The first stop was to see how tall we were. We all decided we needed to see what our height was. I told Mallory she got extra height because of her bow

There were so many great places to get pictures. Mallory was so good and obliged for pictures when I asked. I think she knows I appreciate a good photo

And here is my look back at yearly pumpkin patch photos. Sigh.

Her now usual pose

We got some food to feed the animals but it ended up Brian being the one to feed them. Mallory liked seeing them from afar but did not want to get up close

Some of the animals there

They had a maze that Mallory enjoyed 

She took off and lead us through it

And she was so thrilled when she found the end

There was some playground equipment and fun things for the kids to play on so Mallory spent a lot of time there

We ended our time by looking at the pumpkins under the tent. There were more great areas for pics so we were sure to get some

Mallory got to pick a small pumpkin to take home. She looked for a while and finally found the one she wanted. We got it and then headed home

We really had a good time there and I'm so glad it felt so good outside while we were there. It made for a great time!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Family Fun Day

Friday, Brian and I both took off work. We have Columbus Day off today so we decided to take Friday off to make for a 4 day weekend. Originally, we were going to somewhere out of town for the weekend but we decided we would stay home and just do some fun things together. So, Friday morning, we headed off for some fun

The first stop was at the Disney Store. We went there for Mallory's birthday and she has been wanting to go back. Since we aren't going to Disney World anytime soon, this is the next best thing for her. Once she saw the store, she got very excited and danced the whole way there

She doesn't even know where to start first when she gets there. I love seeing her big smile. We found Rapunzel's hair and she had to put it on

We got Liesl a tea party set for her birthday and ever since then, Mallory has been wanting one. Brian went back to Target to get one like we got Liesl but they were all gone so as we were looking in the Disney store, Mallory found a Princess Sofia the First tea set and so she was pretty excited to get her tea set!

After the Disney store, we headed to the Merry-Go-Round. Last time, Brian rode with Mallory so this time, it was my turn. Not going to lie, I was pretty excited. I can't tell you the last time I've ridden a Merry-go-Round

I rode once and then she rode by herself. She thought she was big stuff!

We then went to the Lego Store and Brian and Mallory raced Lego cars. You can guess who won

We ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. We all enjoyed our food so much!

Our last stop was the University of Texas store. Last time we were there, we saw some cute small pom poms that we new Mallory would love so we headed to get her some. We knew they would definitely get good use since our school colors are Orange and White and she could take them to the football games. Brian has always loved the University of Texas so he really likes to go by and look at everything.

As we pulled up we were quickly reminded that this past weekend was TX/OU weekend and the store was a lot more busy than usual. They were planning a pep rally there so some UT cheerleaders and members of the Pom Squad were there. Mallory was a little shy at first and then got so excited!

She liked showing them her pom poms

She was much less excited about seeing Bevo the Longhorn so we just saw him from afar

We also heard that Ricky Williams and Vince Young were going to be there so Brian and I were both excited about that. We waited until they came and Brian was in line to get a picture with them but then we found out we had to buy a $80 football to get a pic so we quickly passed. But I did get a pic of them so it was just neat seeing them.

We definitely stayed longer at the store than expected but it turned out to be so much more fun than we had planned! One the way home, this one just had too much fun. Yes, she had to hold her tea set and the garage opener. She always wants to push the button to open the garage and she saw it as were heading home and had to hold it.

And Brian finished the fun day off at a stop by Dairy Queen for a blizzard

It was such a wonderful time together!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Five on Friday - 10/10/14

I saw Five on Friday was back last week so I had to hop back on this week!


The moon has been so big and beautiful this week. Earlier in the week, we had spent most of the evening outside and the moon was shining big and bright. Mallory wanted to jump on the trampoline and she was doing cartwheels under the moonlight when I took this pic of the fun with the bright moon in the sky.


Lately, these are the three games we've been playing every night. Mallory brings them into the living room and go from one to the other. We usually start out with Candyland and after Mallory and I beat Brian (sorry Brian), then we play Strawberryland. We don't play the cupcake game, we just put the cupcakes to together but I really enjoy game time!


If you come to our house right now, you would know that a girl who loves princesses lives here. We have decorations all around the house. Any pictures she colors, she wants to hang them on our walls, in out kitchen, basically wherever she kind find a spot to put the picture. One of our dining room chairs is also decorated with princess stickers so that chair is definitely Mallory's to sit in And I've already learned, the stickers are not going to come off easily. 


This girl and her poses and crazy faces. That's all


I sent this to my friends the other day because it made me laugh and honestly, it's true :)

And there's my five. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!