Monday, March 2, 2015

Snow Fun!

Friday, we got more snow and this time I was determined to get some play time in: for both me and Mallory, of course! Our office closed early so Brian followed me home from work and then I jumped in his truck and we headed to get Mallory. I had to get the obligatory picture of our house and yard covered in snow.

After we picked up Mallory from school, we decided to stop by my parent's house. I love living so close to them, especially for these impromptu, fun moments. We decided that if we were going to play in the snow, we could just play at Nana and Papa's house and enjoy it with them! We got there and told Nana and Papa to come play with us. As soon a Papa came back out, Mallory was ready with a snow ball!

Mallory loved every minute of playing in the snow!

Loving the snow as the beautiful backdrop

Family photo in the snow. My coat is covered in snow thanks to Brian throwing snow ball after snow ball at me

Snow selfie

Mallory really wanted to build a snowman like Olaf but the snow wouldn't pack well for us but she and Nana tried hard and had fun trying to make one!

We all had fun playing in the snow and then loved warming back up by the fire at my parent's house. I'm so glad we decided to stop by and create this special memory.

We are now in March and there is still some remnant of snow - I think we are all now ready for Spring!

Friday, February 27, 2015


Happy Friday friends! Well this has been a wild and weird week with the weather for sure! Thankful it's the weekend and I'm wondering if more wintry mix is coming today and tomorrow. I thought that we had definitely passed the cold winter snap and we wouldn't see snow but I was so wrong.


I loved seeing everybody's pics of the snow on Wednesday! It started snowing after we had gotten to work so this was the best picture I got. It was so beautiful watching the snow fall outside my window though!


Brian and I had to go into work for a bit on Tuesday and we had a bring Mallory with us. She always says she wants to go to our work and so finally got to come sit with me and sit in Brian's office. We brought stuff to keep her entertained but all she really wanted to do was to call people on the office phone.


How you exercise when you are stuck indoors


Mallory loves taking baths in my bathtub. I snuck up on her and took this picture of her just relaxing.


I'm absolutely loving the Timehop app. I love looking back at past posts from each day. I sent this one to Lyndsey from last year of me holding little Liesl! So crazy to see how much Mallory has grown and the posts I put up of her over the years

Linking up with my Friday friends

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: February 20-22, 2015

So here is our weekend wrap-up: Mallory and I got sick. We've managed to avoid it all fall/winter long but this past weekend, it found us. Friday night and Saturday, mostly consisted of us resting to combat the fever.

Finally, Sunday morning, our fevers had broken, our throats weren't hurting and we were back among the living!

It was so hard for me to be sick while Mallory wasn't feeling well either. I hated seeing her feel so bad. I knew when all she wanted to do was sleep on Saturday, that she was not herself. Also, it's a sad moment when you realize your child isn't going to make it to the bathroom as she starts to throw up :/ Poor thing was so sick so I was so thankful when she woke up feeling better Sunday morning! She was back to running around and playing. Brian was such a big help having to take care of both of us!

I was so sad to miss church and my friend Samantha's baby shower on Sunday, but of course, I wouldn't chance getting anyone else sick! 

In honor of last night's Oscars, I had to do a throwback picture of Mallory posing during the red carpet last year :)

Speaking of the Oscars, (I know I'm no fashionista) here were my two favorite dresses

I'm writing this on Sunday night so we are expecting wintry ice mix tonight. By the time you read this, schools may be closed and I may be working from home. We will see! 

Hope you have a great week!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Princess and Papa Ball

Sunday night, Brian and Mallory got all dressed up to head to the Princess and Papa Ball at the Hilton Harbor. I was looking for something for Brian and Mallory to do together and my friend Melody had mentioned that her husband, Justin and daughter Katie were going to this ball and thought Brian and Mallory might want to join. I'm so glad she told us about it. I knew it would be a great thing for Brian and Mallory to do together!

Mallory got all dressed up and I even put some make up on her. She was so excited about that part! 

I got a couple of pictures of them together before they left

Love these two so much!! Once we got the photos, we headed to where the ball was being held

As soon as we walked in, we saw Katie and Mallory ran right up to her. She was so excited that Katie was there too!

Sweet friends!

We got a family photo before heading into the ball

These two ran ahead of us because they couldn't wait!

We got there right at 5pm and there was already a long line at check-in. While we were waiting, they had a princess there - Melody and I guessed Ariel?? Anywho, Mallory was just happy to see a girl in a crown and a pretty dress so she ran up to her

They had a ton of places for pictures for the Daddy's and Daughters

They also had a fun photo booth and Justin and Brian really had fun with it

We then went into the ballroom and Katie and Mallory ran straight the dance floor

At that point, Melody and I left the guys and their girls to have a good time at the ball. As I was leaving, I did get a shot of Brian and Mallory dancing together

Brian sent me this video of her dancing

I told Brian to just take some pictures that he would think I would like to have and then I got this:

I'm sure it was her most favorite part of the night - she finally got to meet Elsa! Brian said she would not leave her side - haha!

She also got to meet Anna. I love how she's sitting in both their laps - I'm sure she just ran right up to them like they were best friends.

They had people there to draw the father/daughter's caricatures. When Brian sent it to me, I just laughed because I thought it looked like him but not so much like Mallory. What do yall think? 

At the end, they all got their pictures back that they had taken before going into the ball. I love this photo so much!! (it's a little blurry since it's a picture of  a picture and I don't know what the red dot is in Mallory's hair :/ )

When they got home, Mallory told me all about it and then went and laid down. Not long after, Brian went to check on her and she was out. She danced the night away!

So glad Brian and Mallory got to enjoy this evening together and will have this memory we will never forget!

Monday, February 16, 2015

2015 Valentine's Day

I hope you had a great Valentine's weekend! I say weekend because we celebrated all weekend long!

First, I wanted to share the wonderful photos that my friend Joy of Joyful Photography took a couple of weeks ago. We met a the park and Joy was so sweet to ask us to come to take theses pics!

Love my little girl!

Love all these kiddos and their mommas!

Fun group photo!! I treasure these photos!

Back to the weekend, Friday morning, I took Mallory to school to help her take all her items for her party. Before we left, I wanted to get a photo of Mallory and I in our Fancy Free shirts. This is the first time I've ever bought matching anything but I couldn't pass up these. My shirt is so comfortable too! I told her I would pose like she always does. 

Mallory took her castle to school as well as her valentines to give and the Rice Krispie treats

All the girls with their boxes. When we got home, Mallory dumped all the valentines out on the table and went through them all.

I love that they made something to give to the parents. Mallory couldn't wait to show it to me

Saturday morning, Brian headed out to take our nephew Cade to his basketball games. While he was gone, I set out his cards and treat and Mallory's Valentine's gift on the table.

My sweet girl asked where my present was and I said I didn't have one yet because Daddy wasn't home yet. Next thing I knew, she had gone and gotten some gift bags, filled them with her toys and put them on the table for me. I was in our room cleaning and she told me to come to the table. She told me to open the presents. I'm not going to lie, I almost cried. It was one of the sweetest moments ever and I kept hugging Mallory and telling her thank you. She had the biggest smile on her face and was so happy to give me the presents. Love her!

I kept telling Mallory that she could open her present when Daddy got home so she kept asking when was getting home. To distract her, I put her in the bath and then finally he came home.

She ran and got on the table to give Brian his cards from us

I opened my card from Brian (he and I just give each other cards for Valentine's Day) and then Mallory opened hers. 

Last time we were at Wal Mart, Mallory saw some Minnie Mouse house slippers and she's been asking for them ever since. We went on Friday and I tried to sneak them in the buggy but I can't slip things past her like I used to so she saw me grab them. I knew she would want to wear them Friday night so I let her and while she wasn't looking on Saturday, I grabbed them and put them in her bag since they were her present :)

Papa and Nana stopped by to drop off a gift for Mallory. Just them being there is present enough for Mallory but she loved the puzzle, coloring book, paint, etc... that she got from them!

Pictures with our Valentine

I did tell Brian that I hated we didn't get one of me and him but that's ok! 

Saturday afternoon, we headed to see our nephew Jensen who got to go home from the NICU on Thursday! I was so excited to get to hold him! He is doing great and Mallory was just so thrilled to get to see and play with Eva! 

Sunday night, Brian and Mallory went to the Princess and Papa ball at the Hilton Harbor. They had a great time and I will definitely have more pics in a separate post!

Hoping your weekend was filled with love just as ours was!