Monday, April 13, 2015

Bluebonnets 2015

Sunday, we ran to our favorite bluebonnet field to take Mallory's annual bluebonnet pictures. I wasn't sure when we would be able to get there so after church, we stopped by and I asked her to give me a couple of good pictures of her smiling and she would get a Happy Meal when we were done. Bribery at its best but hey, it worked!

I don't know how many more years we will do these so I will enjoy them while I can! Every time that it is time for a picture now, Mallory gives me her best pose - ha - but I wouldn't have it any other way because these photos definitely show her personality shining through.

We did have to tell her not to pick the bluebonnets a hundred times

And I always love the comparisons! I'm so glad I have these.

So thankful for this pretty girl!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

I hope everyone had a very Happy Easter!! We had a wonderful Easter weekend with our family! We celebrated a lot and I enjoyed continuing to get to talk to Mallory about the real meaning of Easter! She loved the Easter Egg Hunts and everything that came with the holiday but we always took it back to Jesus and his resurrection! He is Alive!! Here is our Easter this year:

Thursday, Mallory had an Easter Egg Hunt at school. She was so thrilled to wear a summer dress and take her basket to school

All the girls ready to hunt

Friday, Brian and I had Good Friday off work. We dyed eggs Friday afternoon and used the Disney Princess decorating pack for the third year :)

Saturday afternoon, we headed to my aunt's house to celebrate Easter with my side of the family

Jensen and I

Nana and Papa with their 5 grandchildren

The Bradley Family

We had a good time eating and chatting and then it was time for the Easter Egg Hunt

After going through all of the eggs she gathered, it was time to look at the Easter baskets from Nana and Papa. They loved them all!

Easter Sunday, Mallory woke up to see her Easter basket on the table.

We got in our Easter best and headed to church. We were really looking forward to having Nana and Papa come to church with us! 

After our wonderful church service, Mallory went with me to see my small group girls. Mallory loves them so much and anytime she gets to go with me to see them, she gets so excited!

For lunch on Sunday, we went to Brian's aunt's and uncle's house to celebrate with them.

Here is my beautiful little girl in her Easter dress

As always, Mallory couldn't wait to see Grammy

All our familes

After filling up on the great food, it was time for the final Easter Egg hunt.

We have so much candy thanks to the master Easter Egg Hunter. She had the best time!

So grateful for the time spent with our family as we celebrated that Jesus is Alive! By His blood, we are saved! Hallelujah!! 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

You've been Egged!

I was reading some fun activities for Easter and I came across this blog post from The Larson Lingo.  It looked like something fun that Mallory and I could do together and talk more about the meaning of Easter while working on it together. Sunday afternoon, we got our supplies together and got ready to Egg our friends.

I got the printable from the blog post and decided to sign Mallory's name so our friends didn't have to figure out who put the eggs in their yard. 

Mallory and I then worked on filling all but one of the eggs for each house we were going to

We then headed out and began putting the eggs in our friend's yards. Mallory would throw them but I finally got to her to lay them down so the eggs didn't break open. We would put the note on the door and then run to our car and head to the next house.

I apologize for my child stepping into flower beds to hide the eggs

Mallory wanted to egg her friends, Layla, Katie, Liam and Hayden. She said two girls and two boys. Hayden is her friend from school so we finished at his house and then went to see Nana and Papa since they live in their neighborhood.

We had so much fun doing this together! It was another great time to talk about Easter and all that means: Jesus is alive!!! He is Risen!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Celebrating Brian

Friday night, we celebrated Brian's birthday with our good friends! The last time we really had a party for Brian was when he turned 30 and in between 30 and 35, we had a child and the parties and things all turned to her. So for Brian's 35th birthday, I wanted to do something fun for him so we rented a couple of lanes and went bowling. 

Love his great big smile! The cake was a cookies'n'cream cake from Kroger and it was delicious!

There were not many people in the lounge where we bowled so it was nice to have the place mostly to ourselves to hang out, enjoy the food and bowl

I don't think any of us are ready for the professional bowling league but we had a great time trying to make strikes and some of us did! Justin and I both bowled at the exact same time and both got strikes! It was a great moment however he kept getting strikes the rest of the night and I did not. I love that Lydia got to bowl too :)

Brian decided to bowl on both lanes at once

We took turns holding Lydia while Joy and Trey bowled and as you can see, she was not interested in anybody else holding her 

The funny moment of the night was when Melody went to bowl, the pin cover did not lift up and her ball hit it. The picture is blurry but hilarious because Melody is asking "What happened???" and we were all cracking up. We aren't sure what did happen and why it didn't lift up but whatever did happen caused us not to be able to bowl on that lane anymore. We had to move lanes. We are such troublemakers and can't go anywhere - haha!

Of course, we had to take some group shots before left. I told Brian the light is shining on him since he is the birthday boy.

The boys. Not sure what Justin is doing

The girls

And since we don't have a selfie stick, we used Brian's long arms to see if we could all get in for a selfie. This was a hilarious effort but we all got in! 

We seriously have the best friends and I am so thankful they could all come out to celebrate my favorite guy!  It was a wonderful time!!