Monday, March 23, 2015

Family Fun

Saturday evening, we met my family in downtown Denton to eat at LSA Burger. I had the Our Buddy burger and the Garlic/Parm fries. It was soooo good! It's always fun for the cousins to get together and see each other. 

When we were done eating at LSA Burger, we headed over to Beth Marie's for ice cream.

Love these girls

We had some selfie fun!

Brian enjoyed his ice cream too!

My beautiful mom and my beautiful girl

After dinner, the girls ran around and Mallory definitely loves when Uncle Greg plays with her

Jensen was there too wearing a very cute tie and I'm so sad I didn't get a picture of him. It was a good impromptu dinner and a nice ending to our Saturday!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: March 13-15, 2015

Happy Monday friends!! We had a fun weekend that started out Friday afternoon doing some shopping. We always go shopping with Nana for Mallory's Easter dress so we decided Friday we would continue the tradition. I wish I could say it was all wonderful but Mallory was not having any of it. Whining, tears, you name it but we did find a dress and enjoyed being with Nana and Papa. We also got some new shoes for her because her feet are growing rapidly. This picture accurately sums up the evening.

All that ended her calling Nana and Papa to apologize for how she acted and she went to bed early. I'm just happy we all survived and got an Easter dress. 

Saturday morning, we rested to gear up for our busy afternoon. Mallory was invited to two birthday parties and we had a housewarming party to go to. We were ready for the celebrations. Our first party was to celebrate Abby's first birthday!

I can't believe it's been one year since Lane and Lizzie adopted Abby. She is such a blessing and we are so glad we got to celebrate with her. Abby also goes to same daycare as Mallory so she always likes to tell me if she saw her that day.

Lizzie had a photo booth set up so we had to get a picture of these cuties, Mallory, Katie and Liesl

Our next party was just down the road. Mallory's friend Hayden from school turned 4 and had a construction themed birthday party. The decorations were so cute.

Hayden asked Mallory to help him open his presents and Mallory was thrilled to be right there and help!

Hayden's dad works at the same place that Brian and I do so it's just funny how small of a world it is. Such a fun time.

Our last stop was our co-workers/friends Jonathan and Rachel's house. They recently bought a house and had a housewarming party. And a chocolate fountain. My fave.

Sunday morning, we went to church and heard an amazing sermon on Prayer from our Pastor. Definitely convicting and I learned that I need to be more passionate and pleading when I pray. God wants to hear our prayers and it is mentioned time and time again in the bible. I also had a great conversation about it with my 9th grade girls that I teach. It was something we all needed to hear and something I know I will be working on in my walk with Christ.

As we left church, we asked Mallory what she learned and Sunday School and she said "Jesus is Alive!" She then started singing a song they learned. So thankful for the teachers that put in their time to share the love of Christ to His children!

We had nothing planned after church on Sunday so we rested. Mallory loves to make everyone mats for us to lay on and she made one for her and I to rest on in her playroom and watch Monsters University. Love her so!

After her show was over, we used the flash cards that we got from our sweet friend, Jennifer, and worked on her letters. So fun seeing her learning!

Sunday evening, Brian made pizza rolls. Those are his and Mallory's favorite things to eat. Mallory likes to be nearby and watch as he fixes them...and to eat the pepperonis - ha! This picture is so funny because she's eating the pepperonis and Brian's looking at her saying "Don't eat them all!" 

Now, we are at Monday again and that's a wrap!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Oh Hey, Friday!

Happy Friday friends! It's Friday so here's my random blog of what we've been up to!


Brian's been traveling a lot more for work. We miss him so much while he's gone but are always so thankful for Face Time! Mallory and I decided to make a cake for Brian while he was gone. Here is my little hood rat licking the beaters. I had to catch her before she went to dip the beater back in the batter for more!


Saturday, we got to go cheer our nephew Cade on at his basketball games. His team won both games and Cade got a trophy! 


Our good friends, The Brumfields, visited from Mississippi and we had the best time with all of our friends Tuesday night. Will and Lyndsey hosted us in their new home and it is so nice! I'm so happy for The Loflands and am so happy they are now able to enjoy their new home!  

We had a great mexican buffet dinner and then had the best time playing a game and chatting. This picture of Will and Lyndsey sums it up best. We all laughed so hard. So fun!

Blessed to have these friends in my life. I love them dearly and am so grateful for their friendship.

Love seeing all of our kids together and having so much fun!

It was a wonderful evening! 


This girl makes me smile. Love her expressions after her bath on Wednesday


Yesterday, Mallory and I got to meet Elleigh Killough! I was planning on bringing Samantha her baby shower present (since I wasn't able to go due to being sick :/) the week before she was induced but then Elleigh decided to come sooner so I got to take the present and meet this sweet girl! So happy for our friends, The Killoughs!

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Snow in March!

Thursday morning, March 5, we woke up to beautiful snow! I couldn't believe that it snowed in March but it was so pretty! We didn't waste anytime in getting ready to go play in it! We had the best time and here are more fun snow pictures!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Snow Fun!

Friday, we got more snow and this time I was determined to get some play time in: for both me and Mallory, of course! Our office closed early so Brian followed me home from work and then I jumped in his truck and we headed to get Mallory. I had to get the obligatory picture of our house and yard covered in snow.

After we picked up Mallory from school, we decided to stop by my parent's house. I love living so close to them, especially for these impromptu, fun moments. We decided that if we were going to play in the snow, we could just play at Nana and Papa's house and enjoy it with them! We got there and told Nana and Papa to come play with us. As soon a Papa came back out, Mallory was ready with a snow ball!

Mallory loved every minute of playing in the snow!

Loving the snow as the beautiful backdrop

Family photo in the snow. My coat is covered in snow thanks to Brian throwing snow ball after snow ball at me

Snow selfie

Mallory really wanted to build a snowman like Olaf but the snow wouldn't pack well for us but she and Nana tried hard and had fun trying to make one!

We all had fun playing in the snow and then loved warming back up by the fire at my parent's house. I'm so glad we decided to stop by and create this special memory.

We are now in March and there is still some remnant of snow - I think we are all now ready for Spring!