Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday! What a wonderful weekend we had! It was beautiful outside and we got to enjoy it with our family and friends! 

Friday night, we put the final touches on the play set aka Mallory's Clubhouse.

I actually got to use the power tools and worked on adding some of the accessories. Glasses on and focused face = I got it done. I was happy to contribute and Brian was a good teacher.

We finally completed it all on Friday night and these two were as happy as could be. All friends are welcome to come play!! Mallory has told us over and over how much she loves it. I'm glad we were able to get it up so she could enjoy it during the pretty Spring days before the hot Summer sun comes.

Saturday morning, Mallory and I headed to Aspasians . Mallory's soccer game was cancelled due to all the rain we had this past week so we had a free Saturday morning! Aspasians is a marketplace where vendors can sell their items and there are a lot of different ones set up for people to shop. They hold it in the parking lot of our football stadium so Mallory was happy to head back to where we go on Friday nights in the Fall.

I found this shirt and promptly sent it to Brian and my friends who all agreed, I definitely needed it!

They had a lot of really cute little girl stuff and lots of items to decorate the house. I was just browsing and didn't get anything but we did enjoy a snow cone in the shade because it was already starting to get pretty warm in the sun.

We headed back home because Nana, Papa, Eva, Jensen, Ryan and Kate came over for lunch and to play. These two are always happy to play together and Mallory couldn't wait to show Eva her clubhouse.

I think this cutie loved the play set too!

Ryan and Kate brought the bat and wiffle ball so we had fun playing. Brian and Dad had to show us how they could hit the ball over the fence so we had to go hunt it down a couple of times.

We loved having everyone over and after they left, we got ready to head to East Texas for some more fun. My lifelong best friend Julie and her family were visiting her parents so we went out to hang out with them and celebrate her daughter and Mom's birthdays.

Julie's husband, Aaron took the girls for a ride on the 4-wheeler.

We enjoyed good fried fish, hush puppies and the kids enjoyed hot dogs. These three girls always have fun together. I love the Julie, Jill and I's daughters get to hang out and grow up together. Emmalyn and Mallory both asked if they were family and we just said Yes. Our families have always been so close so we might as well be!

We sang Happy Birthday to Emmalyn who turned 6 earlier this month. On her birthday, they surprised Emmalyn by telling her she was going to Disney World in June so we got to talk a lot about their upcoming trip! I know she will have the best time!

My second family - Dylan and I. Dylan is Julie and Jill's little brother and he will be a Senior in High School next year which is so crazy because he was just the little boy that we used to play with all the time. I do love him and can't wait to see what all he is going to do!

Julie and I

Julie, Jill and I 

We stayed late and enjoyed every minute. I can't wait to see them all again.

Sunday morning, we went to church. We always love worshiping with our church family and today was no different. When I showed Brian this picture, I said "When did she turn 12??" My little girl is getting so big! 

 Our pastor is preaching through the book of Acts and it has been great. Today was no different as I was reminded about my words and how they need to be encouraging words. Am I building others up?? Definitely something I need to think of everyday and I want to be the encourager that God wants me to be!

Sunday afternoon, Mallory was playing outside but when she was walking in, she tripped and scraped her knee. She went to tell Brian about her knee and Brian mentioned that it was bleeding and then Mallory started shrieking with the loudest cry I've heard in a long time. She was so upset that there was blood, she could not contain herself. I picked her up and held through the tears while Brian cleaned it up and put the band-aid on. I think we all survived - barely!

She was able to pull through so we could run to the store. Like I mentioned earlier, she loves to wear dresses so we got a couple that she could wear to school that I wouldn't worry about getting dirty. I was thrilled to see the happy smile back on her face :)

And that's a wrap!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Life Lately

Here's a quick catch-up on what we've been up to!

I wanted to post this picture because it's one of my favorites I've taken. Mallory loves for me to lift her up and "fly" and I think this picture captures Mallory's full personality and beautiful smile!

We had birthday parties to attend. We celebrated Liam turning 5! Liam had a bowling party and it was a lot of fun! 

That same weekend, we got to celebrate Abby turning two! Abby goes to the same school Mallory does so she gets to see her a lot. They had a cute photo booth and we had a good time partying with her!

I mentioned the play set before but we decided that it was time to get Mallory a nice play set so her early birthday present came in a couple of weeks ago. This is the last picture of Mallory on her little play set. It was good to us! 

Uncie, Caleb and Cade all came over to help Brian build it. The instructions said it would take 7-8 hours and they worked hard to get it done. It's almost complete :)

And, as you can see, Mallory was there to help :)

She is so thrilled about her sandbox! Caleb and I filled it with sand and she wasted no time getting in and getting dirty. She heads outside as soon as we get home from school and is playing there all weekend. I'm so glad she loves it.

I'm enjoying it too! We like to get up and sit in the top part of the playset on these beautiful Spring days.

In other news, I'm always loving a picture of Mallory kissing her Daddy!

Most nights consist of Mallory doing cartwheel after cartwheel

She has been saying the Pledge of Allegiance at school for a long time now but I finally got her sweet little voice saying it on video

Brian is the good father who let's Mallory do his hair.

Just this week, Mallory's learned about leaves at school so as soon as she got home, she ran outside to get some of her own. One of the many reasons I love our backyard - all the trees!

And I just posted this on Instagram on Wednesday, but we stopped by to see Nana and Papa and Mallory thought she needed to try Papa's glasses on. I think she looks so very cute!!

And that's been our Life Lately! Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday! I'll start the weekend wrap-up with a picture of my child and her outfit of choice for school Friday morning! She always wants to wear a dress, skirt or tutu so she was thrilled to have her tutu on for the day. I had her hair pulled back with a bow in but she also had to add a headband "to make her beautiful" she said. I told her she was always beautiful but the headband stayed in :)

Friday night, we had a low-key evening since we had things to do on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday morning, Mallory and her teammates played a great soccer game. I know I keep saying it but they have improved so much since last season and it's so fun to cheer them on. I love this picture of Brian talking to his team! Good job coach!

Saturday, after the game, we ran errands and then Mallory and I headed home to rest before we headed to her friend's birthday party. I was looking at an older pic on Instagram and before I knew it, I was scrolling through all my Instagram pictures and having the "how did she grow up so fast????"  moment. Have yall ever been scrolling through and get caught up just keep going and going? Just me? Well, these two older pics just made me smile :)

Back to the present, Brian headed to the SMU Spring football game and Mallory and I headed to her friend Finnley's birthday party. Finnley is her friend from school and I love that my little social butterfly has so many friends! Finnley wanted her to go everywhere with him and she enjoyed getting to celebrate with him at Urban Air.

After the party, Nana and Jensen stopped by for a quick visit and Jensen loved going down the slide. Mallory has loved her new play set and is excited when she can have someone over to play on it. Her neighbor friend, Wylie, is over most days after school playing with her on it so I'm loving our new investment!

Saturday night, Mallory had been asking for whip cream with her strawberries so she loved it so much when I sprayed some Reddi-wip in her mouth. 

Sunday morning, we headed to church and I was so glad to teach my 10th grade girls some things I had learned last week while doing my Daniel Bible Study. This bible study is so good and last week, Beth taught on Selfishness vs. Sacrifice. Which am I choosing?? That is a question I am asking myself daily and I shared it with my girls in Sunday School. What sacrifices are we making for His kingdom? If you haven't done this bible study before, I would highly suggest it. So Very Good!

Sunday afternoon, Mallory and I went to Jill's shower to celebrate her and baby Caroline. I miss seeing Jill so much since she moved so I'm thrilled anytime we get to get together.

She got so many great gifts and of course, Mallory was right there with Kinsley helping open presents.

These sweet girls had a great time playing together.

Jill and I! The decorations were great and I loved all the balloons!

And that's a wrap!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Ties & Tiaras - A Dad and Daughter Event

Saturday night, Brian and Mallory attended our church's Daddy/Daughter Date Night. I was excited they got to go and even more excited that I got to help plan this event. Brian and Mallory went to a Daddy/Daughter dinner and dance last year but they decided not to have it this year so my friends and I decided we wanted to put on a Daddy/Daughter Date Night at our church since we know how important the Father/Daughter relationship is! We all worked hard to put on a great event and even pulled in help from our Oregon friend - Brettni. She made this awesome flyer for us and we used it in promoting the event.

Saturday, we met up at the church to decorate for the event. My friends are so very creative and I was good at doing what they told me to do when it came to decorating! I do not have one decorative bone in my body so I'm good to help once you tell me what to do!

Once we got everything set up, we headed home to get our girls ready for the evening.

Mallory wanted me to paint her nails so after her bath she put on her robe and we had some nail painting time. 

Once the nails were dry, I got her ready and put her in her pretty pink dress. She heard the door bell ring and I told her to answer it. She opened the door and Brian was there with a pink rose for her.

She thought it was the best thing ever!


We took some pictures outside before we left. She had to show off her rose

And then pose :)

Daddy and Daughter

And I had to sneak in a picture with my pretty girl

We got to the church and Joy had a great set-up for the Daddy/Daughter pictures. I absolutely love their picture! I think it turned out great!

And since there was a pretty backdrop, the friends had to take a picture together! Love these ladies and loved working with them on this event!

We made one final check to make sure everything was ready and the event began!

After the Daddy's and Daughters got their pictures made, they all went to have a dancing lesson - the Waltz. 

I'm thankful I got to get some video of Brian and Mallory dancing

After dancing it was time for dinner. Our friend, Jill, made a great spaghetti dinner and some gorgeous cupcakes for dessert. These two were having a good time.

Our children's minister spoke and we gave out some prizes. While this was happening, I was entertaining our surprise guests - Anna and Elsa! I knew that our friend Melissa and her friend Ashleigh had dressed up as Anna and Elsa for a birthday party before so I asked if they would like to reprise their roles for the event and they were happy to!

When we were wrapping up the evening, we told the girls we had one last surprise and when Anna and Elsa came out, they all got so excited and ran up to see them. They each got their picture which Anna and Elsa and you know my child was front and center to make sure she saw them :)

Yes, some spaghetti sauce did end up on her dress - ha! 

All the friends with Anna and Elsa!

It was a great night and from what I've heard, everybody who came had a great time! And on Sunday, I took a two hour nap because I forgot how exhausting Event Planning can be :)