Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend 2014

I'll be honest. We did not do too much this weekend and it was great! We did start the weekend off Friday night in Denton at the Rockwall/Denton Ryan game. I stole this pic below from Amy that she took at halftime. It was a beautiful evening for football and Rockwall won!

Saturday morning we relaxed and after naps we went for dinner and to do a little shopping. This was the first time Brian and I had taken Mallory in Toys'R'Us and she loved it all. I watched her run from aisle to aisle to see all there was. She also had to look at all the books.

We also needed to take a stop at Target and Mallory found the weights

We really had a great evening together! I love those special evenings.

Sunday morning, we headed to church and I got meet with my 9th grade girls group for the first time and it was great! We got to know each other and I taught the lesson. They were so much fun and I'm so excited about the year to come

Sunday afternoon, we celebrated Brian's mom's 60th birthday. It was a great party for her and I know she loved it all. So glad we could celebrate her!

On Labor Day, we headed to my parent's house and enjoyed time with Nana, Papa, Ryan, Kate and Eva.

We played games and had a great time being with our family

And yay for it being September! It means we are so much closer to Fall!! 

I hope you had a great holiday weekend as well!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Student Ministry

Starting this past Sunday, I am starting teaching in our church's Student Ministry. I'm very excited about it! I've been assigned to work with 9th grade girls and I already knew one of the girls in my group so I was happy about that. This isn't the first time that I've worked in the Youth Ministry. Back in the mid-2000's I taught 7th grade girls and really loved it! 

The picture above is from Venture with a group of 7th grade girls who are now in college! And yes, my hair was short! Below is a shot of two girls I taught also who are now in college. I loved teaching them - they were so fun!

I stopped teaching when Brian and I got married so we could attend a Young Married Sunday School class that we loved and still love! This past January, we hosted a group of 9th grade boys at our house for Venture. During that time, I could feel the push to get back into helping with the Student Ministry. Being with the boys was fun and Mallory loved having them over at the house. I prayed about it and knew that I was a at a season where I am able to lead to a small group again. I know Mallory is at an age where she will love being around sweet girls and I know as a Mother, I would love for her to have a group of Christian girls to look up to as she gets older.

So, here we go again! I thought Cory had a great idea of making little cards with our name and information to pass out to the parents and students so they know how to contact us. I met with some of the parents on Sunday and am really excited about partnering up with them as we pray and teach these girls this year!

I'm looking forward to all God can and will do this year!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: August 22-24, 2014

Friday night, we enjoyed time outside. Nana and Papa stopped by for a bit and then after they left, I went on a bike ride and Mallory rode her bike outside. By the time we were ready to go in, we were hot and sweaty but had a good time.

Saturday morning, Brian and Mallory went on their Daddy/Daughter morning date and had breakfast at Soulman's. He loves their breakfast buffet and I know Mallory had a good time with her Dad!

When she got home, she showed me what Brian had bought her. She had been needing a new nightgown for a while because she had outgrown her others so they went to Target and they got a Sophia the First nightgown. Mallory was so excited! And it fits!

Brian wanted to mow so I took Mallory and I went to Old Navy to look at some clothes and had fun taking pictures in the dressing room :)

After naps on Saturday, we headed to eat dinner at Texas Roadhouse with Nana and Papa. It was so good as usual! Cinnamon butter - Yes!

Sunday morning was Promotion Sunday at our church! Mallory started her new class downstairs at the Children's Building and I started teaching again in the Student Ministry! 

I'll be honest, Mallory was not happy about going to her new class down stairs. We had talked about it all week and she would get sad about it so I would try to tell her how fun it would be. Even when we got close, I could tell it wouldn't be an easy transition. Change is hard and that was the case Sunday morning. Once I got her in her class and I knew she was calmed down and with her friends, I went into church. I didn't know it was going to be that hard but hopefully it will get better as the weeks go on.

I started my new class, teaching 9th grade girls in our Youth Department and we had a Parent Sunday where the parents met their kid's small group leaders. I walked in and saw my face on a sign with a list of the girls names that were in my class. I was not expecting to see that when I walked in but it was a good way for the parents to find her the small group leader was. It was great meeting the girl's parents and I'm so excited about the year to come!

Sunday afternoon, we enjoyed resting and gearing up for the week. Uncie and Caleb stopped by so we got to give Caleb a hug before he starts his first day as a Freshman today! Can't believe he's a Freshman! Let the High School fun begin!

Speaking of school, I am praying for all the moms and dads sending their kids to school today as well as all of the students, teachers and all school staff! Here's hoping you all have a wonderful year!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up: August 15-17, 2014

Friday was a fun day in baby news! Our good friend, Joy, welcomed her third girl, Lydia! We are so happy for The Calhouns and I can't wait to meet her!

And in other exciting baby news, I can finally announce that I'm going to be an Aunt again!! My brother, Ryan, and sister-in-law, Kate, are expecting a baby in February! They posted the picture below on Friday and we are so thrilled for them!! I'm anxious to know if my parents will have five granddaughters or if a boy will be added to the mix!

Saturday morning, this one was up and em' early Saturday morning. I guess she didn't the memo this weekend that we wanted to sleep in. Brian went and got them Chiloso and brought it home for breakfast. Mallory was so happy to eat her "tortiyeea" aka tortilla.

We then got ready to head to Wyatt's first birthday party. I can't believe it's been a year since I went to visit Bruce and Kelle and baby Wyatt in the hospital! The party was at the neighborhood pool so Mallory loved getting to play in the kiddie pool. We had fun celebrating this little boy!

After the party, we ran around town running errands and headed home for Mallory to get a nap. Once she got up, we got ready to headed out for dinner to celebrate my grandmother's 84th birthday. We went to eat at Babe's Chicken and then headed back to my Aunt's house for dessert and presents. Eva and Mallory both helped Mamaw blow out her birthday candles. I love being with my family it was a wonderful night!

We woke up to a rainy Sunday morning and headed to church. When we got to the children's building, I saw signs talking about Promotion Sunday being next Sunday. And then I started realizing that this was Mallory's last Sunday in her Sunday School room that is on the main floor. Newborns to 2 year olds (she's stayed in the 2 year old class since she turned 3 in May so she could move when Promotion Sunday came) are on the main floor and then the 3 year old classes are downstairs. She's been on this floor since she was born so I did get a little sad once the realization set it but of course I was excited for her! 

During their class, they took a trip downstairs to see where their new room would be so they wouldn't be too surprised come next Sunday. Hopefully it will all go smooth once she knows her friends are there too!

After naps on Sunday, I worked on lunches for the week ahead. Mallory and I both love fruit as you can tell! My little "helper" came to help me but mostly just ate the fruit :)

We ended the evening by enjoying time outside. The rain brought cooler temps (as in not 100 degree temps) so it was bearable to be outside. I love seeing her so happy and running around in the backyard. Sweet memories.

And that's a wrap! I hope you have a wonderful week!

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Weekend Home

This past weekend, Brian, Mallory and I headed to East Texas to my hometown, Hughes Springs. I haven't been there since June of last year so I was ready to get back and to see our close family friend, Joyce, and all the people that I miss seeing since we moved. 

Just some back story for all my avid readers :) ...I lived in Hughes Springs all of my life and graduated high school from there in 2000. ( I know soooo long ago ). My parents moved from Hughes Springs the Summer after I graduated High School so it's crazy to think that it's been 14 years now since we lived there. I like to go back when I can especially now to show Mallory where I grew up.

We got to Joyce's Friday night and the first thing that Mallory wanted to see is Joyce's cat. Once the cat finally came out, she was happy to see him and to pet him.

Saturday morning, we all slept in. Mallory always sleeps so good ( and late! ) when we stay at Joyce's and this weekend was no different. It was still bearable outside Saturday morning so we went outside to swing and play.

We all love Joyce's swing

Mallory rode her tricycle around and helped Joyce feed her fish in her little pond. 

We went it and ate a late breakfast. A lot of these pictures mean so much to me because I never thought about bringing my child back to this house and her enjoying all the things I did growing up. I used to stay at Joyce and Earl's house so many nights growing up - I loved being with them and now I get to share that with Mallory. This seat that Mallory is sitting in was always my favorite seat and it quickly became Mallory's favorite too. 

Joyce made the most wonderful breakfast! We were definitely spoiled!

Joyce just recently retired from playing the piano at the church we grew up in and Mallory found her piano and played us some tunes. She cracked me up when she brought her princess story book in and set it up and started playing like she was playing the Princess songs.

Saturday afternoon, Brian, Mallory and I went for a drive around town. I always like to go by the houses I grew up in and the school to see if and how much it has changed. Some things haven't changed and some things have. Mustang Boulevard pictured below will always be in my mind. Growing up, we always had to run up these hills in athletics. Torture. But I survived and just laugh when I see these hills now. At least I was in good shape then!

Saturday evening, we went to eat at my favorite place - David Beard's Catfish Village. One of my best friends from high school, Ashley and her family met us there. I'm so glad we've stayed close through all these years. She married one of our classmates, Stephen and they have the cutest kiddos. Ashley and Stephen both teach at Hughes Springs and Stephen coaches so I was glad we could catch up with them.

Mallory loved Ashleys' kids, Addison and Brody and they played so well together!

Sunday morning, we headed to FBC Hughes Springs, the church that I grew up in. It was so wonderful to see so many sweet faces that I grew up with. It was so great to worship there and to share it with Brian and Mallory. Mallory went straight to Ashley when we got to church and sat with her all during church. Brian and I were both surprised at how well she did sitting in big church!

Two of my favorite people! 

Everybody at church was telling me how much  Mallory looks like me. I think it's funny because most people think she looks just like Brian (including me) and in Hughes Springs, they all remember me when I was little so they can see that resemblance. I did find this picture of Greg and I at Joyce's and I can see of some of Mallory in me from this.

It was a great weekend trip and one that I enjoyed so much! Now, we are back home and happy to be back but I will always love going back to my first home!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Five on Friday - 8/8/14

I know the Five on Friday blog girls are on Summer break but here we go anyway:


We've just been enjoying Summer! We've been spending the evenings outside and when it was raining a couple of weeks ago, Mallory enjoyed reading her books in her Minnie Mouse tent. Last weekend, Mallory spent the evening at Nana and Papa's with her cousins, Kiersi and Kayden. Nana and Papa invested in some more toys, including a new cash register with a microphone which all the girls loved!

{ TWO }

Speaking of being outside...Brian mowed the lawn a couple of days ago so he started using the leaf blower to get the grass off of the driveway and Mallory loved it. This video makes me laugh every time!


One of my favorite blogs to read lately is Mix and Match Family's blog - have you read it?? I love it and really wish I could move in with Shay in her new house. She's giving a house tour every couple of days and I love seeing it! Click on the link above and Enjoy!

{ FOUR }

We said goodbye this week to the Longhorn grill that we were keeping in storage for our friends. They just moved into their new house so they now have room for it. I'm sure my friend Melody was so happy to see it come back to her home :) Now I don't have to worry about it looking at me when I pull into the garage anymore. Ha!


Yes, I started and ended with this one. She always makes me smile and I love just being with her! Yes, she has her threenager moments but for the most part, she's so fun and loveable and I'm so grateful God allowed me to be her mom!

I'll leave you today with her sweet smile :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Girl's Day

Sunday, Mallory had a fun girls day together. Brian was in Humble watching Caleb participate in the Junior Olympics ( Good Job Caleb! ) so Mallory and I spent a fun day together. I love these special days so much. I know she may not remember them but I know I will remember every moment and the fun we had!

We went to the Harbor and looked at the water fountain. Mallory loves to watch it and throw some pennies in. We didn't stay out too long because it was pretty hot outside. 

We went inside to get our seat for the movie: Planes: Fire and Rescue. I have to say we were both looking forward to this movie!

Planes was the first movie that Mallory went to so I thought it was funny to look back. Planes came out in August 2013 and now almost a year later, we were back to see the 2nd movie. 

In our seat with our popcorn, ready to go!

I thought it was funny that one of the previews was for an Elvis concert event that was recorded in the 1970's and Mallory kept asking who he was. And almost 8 previews later, the movie started. Mallory kept asking when it was going to start and at the end of each preview, I would say soon and then another preview would start. Thankfully there were not that many people in the theater so we were all spread out and each kid had room to sit and stand if needed.

After the movie, we headed to Target to pick up some school supplies that Mallory would need for this year! We didn't come out with too much stuff we didn't need :)

We stopped at a couple of other stores and then headed home. We stopped to get a mini shake from Sonic and she was so happy I was getting one. Usually I don't get anything but this time I got one with her and we sat and enjoyed our shakes together.

We both enjoyed a nap and then waited for Daddy to get home! 

It was a wonderful time and I'm so glad I get to make these memories with my little girl!

PS. Today is Nana's birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! We Love You!