Friday, May 22, 2015

Mallory's 4th BirthDAY

Mallory woke up on her birthday bright and early asking if it was time for pancakes. I told her I would start on them soon and that she was officially 4. She was so excited that she was finally 4 years old! Once the pancakes were made, we put the candles on there for her to blow out on top of the pancake snack. I got one good pic

And then this happened. She did not want Brian and I to sing Happy Birthday to her at all. She kept saying she didn't want to celebrate her birthday. What child says that? Ours. So this is how the morning went. We are such horrible parents!

Once we made it through breakfast, we headed to pick up Mallory's friend Katie. We told her she could invite a friend to go to Legoland with her and she asked if Katie Ryan could go. She was so thrilled when we picked her up and the four of us headed to Legoland

It was pretty chilly and rainy on her birthday so I'm glad we chose something to do inside

Once we got in, the fun began. These two love Legos so they went from Lego station to Lego station

We had to stay in the Princess Palace for a while, of course

We watched the 4D movie and we all enjoyed it! 

Next, they got to drive the cars. They lined up to get instructions and off they went

We rode the other rides they had there. This one you got to pedal to go high. Katie and I rode together while Brian and Mallory rode together. We all liked the rides!

We finished up looking at the Lego creations

and some more fun with the Legos

We picked up some new Legos at the store and then headed for lunch

We ate at the Rainforest Cafe with these cuties!

One last stop for a cookie for dessert

I think these two had a great time!!

On her birthday evening, we made cupcakes. She had requested pink cupcakes and purple frosting so that is what we made!

Sprinkles definitely had to be added

Our big girl is officially 4 and we had a great day celebrating with her!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday Mallory!

Mallory Anne Estes, you are 4 Years Old Today! I say it every year but I can't believe how fast you've grown and here we are celebrating you turning 4! 

You weigh 36 lbs and are 39 inches tall.

You are into all things Frozen, Disney Princess and Legos right now. Elsa is your favorite and you love building all things with your Legos.

You love to eat strawberries more than anything. You love going to Chick A Lay (Chick-Fil-A) and Donalds (McDonalds) to get a kid's meal. You always like to be my helper in the kitchen and are always asking questions. You will ask Why a hundred times until you get an answer you are satisfied with.

You have the most beautiful smile and have the most contagious laugh. Everybody always says how much they love your smile and I couldn't agree more!

You've been so looking forward to turning four so you can start playing soccer in the Fall. You keep telling me that you are a big girl now. 

Some Malloryisms:

"Daddy, listen to me!"

"Momma, you did a good job!"

"It's ok Sweetie"

"I grew up on a school bus"

"Momma, you are my best friend"

"Momma, you are not my best friend" 
(Usually said after she has been disciplined)

"Whew, I had a long day"

"Thank you for being mean to me"

Me: "Mallory, you have 5 minutes"
Mallory: "No, 4!"

"I love you alligator"

"Katie Ryan is going to marry Ethan and I'm going to marry Liam"

"Jesus lives in our hearts and has holes in his hands" "He is Awive"

You are a bit dramatic to say the least. You are either very happy or very upset. You definitely know how to throw a fit and throw it well. Every picture has to be posed as seen below during the photo shoot

Mallory Anne, We love you so much sweet girl! 
Happy 4th Birthday!

Photo credit: Joyful Photography

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mallory's 4th Birthday Party

Saturday, we held Mallory's 4th Birthday Party at Urban Air Trampoline Park! I knew this year that we would go somewhere for the party instead of me throwing the big party at Brian's Aunt and Uncle's house like we've done in the past. Those have been great and I loved putting them together but when Mallory and I would talk about her party this year, she kept saying she wanted it at the trampoline place so that's what we did. She's been to multiple parties there and loves to jump on her trampoline so it was a good fit! 

I knew that I wouldn't have to handle all the decorations and everything but I figured we could still have a theme. I'm not sure if Mallory will ever get out of the Frozen obsession but she is still all about Elsa so I let her pick a invitation off Etsy that she liked. We both really liked the one she picked so I ordered the custom .jpeg file and printed the invitations off at Costco. Urban Air provided everything except food but I went ahead and bought some Elsa plates and napkins to go with the theme.

I got her a cute Frozen shirt and skirt to wear so she showed them off for me before we left for the party

Urban Air had everything set up for us when we got there and were very nice and helpful the whole time

Mallory headed straight to the trampolines as soon as we got there to start jumping

Aunt Melody brought the birthday cake and it was perfect as always! Kids from other parties kept walking up to look at the cake too :)

Once everyone got there, it was time to jump!

Urban Air was celebrating their 1 year anniversary with free balloon animals and face painting so that was a nice extra perk for the kids to enjoy!

We took a break from jumping for cake and presents. Thanks to Lyndsey for helping take pics! 

Everybody was ready to eat!

This girl has been waiting to blow out her birthday candles and it was finally time!

As soon as she was done eating, she asked if it was time for presents. She saw them all lined up and was ready to see what was in them.

After more jumping, it was time to say goodbye. Hugs and thank yous all around for everybody who came!

The almost 4 year old with her favorite people, Papa and Nana


What a wonderful party! Mallory kept saying "Momma, I just love it!" I completely agree.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Sunday was a great day! I enjoyed just getting to be with my family and being with the one who made me a mom! We woke up Sunday morning and Mallory and I decided to make pancakes. I love having my little helper by me when I cook. She had to wear one of my shirts to sleep in the night before :)

Before we ate, Mallory brought me flowers and a card for Mother's Day. I think the most exciting thing for me was that she wrote my name on the card! So big!

After breakfast, we got ready to head to my parent's church. All dressed up ready to go!

We decided to surprise my Mom by going to church with her and my Dad. I think she was really surprised when Mallory walked in with her flowers! I'm so glad we got to worship together!

Love my girl!

We went to lunch after church and then headed home to rest before heading to Pam's to celebrate more!

All the grandkids and great-grandkids with Gran. Yes, that is my exhausted child bawling because she did not want her picture taken. Classic.

The storm started rolling in while we were there and we all laughed when the guys went out to talk about the weather like they knew what they were talking about :)

We ate some great food as always and just enjoyed chatting it up!

Gran and Grandma Marsha with the kids and grandkids

The Estes clan

The crazy Estes boys

Mother's Day ended with my friend Melody introducing us to the app DubSmash. I can't stop laughing at the fun videos we made with that. Let's just say, I rocked some Celine Dion. I had to let Mallory get in on the fun!


Haha! Love her expressions! 

What a wonderful day!