Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up and This Week

Clever title right? Here are some of the other happenings from the weekend and some this week:

After the parade on Friday, we went back to Nana and Papa's house to cool down and Mallory was in Nana's bathroom and decided she needed to put some make-up on. She was so into it and I had to snap a picture of her taking her time and her facial expression.

Saturday morning was Mallory's soccer game and on our way, Mallory asked me to put on our song. Our song is Feel It by Toby Mac and we always have a dance party when I put it on so I played it to get her pumped up for the game. I looked back and these are the dance moves and more expressions I saw 

My poor child needs a Mom who can do hair - Samantha can you come to my house every morning??? She asked me to braid her hair and put it in pigtails and I did the best I could :/

The Princesses are playing well and having fun!! You can definitely see how much they've improved since Week 1.

Grammy and Gran came to see Mallory play on Saturday and she was thrilled to see them there!

After the game, out next stop was - you guessed it - a birthday party! One of Mallory's friends from school, Addie, turned 4 so she got to be with her best friends at school, Sophie and Addie. They had a great time playing together and we had a good time celebrating Addie turning 4!

Saturday night, Brian and I went on a date! He's been traveling a lot for work lately and I felt that we needed a night out, just the two us. Mallory was so excited to stay with Nana and Papa and Brian and I looked forward to dinner and a movie and time together. Thanks Mom and Dad for this time!

And yes, I made Brian take a picture with me before we left

We went to see War Room and it was Amazing! If you haven't seen it, please go! It really made an impact on me and it was a well-made movie!

Brian flew out again on Sunday and Monday night I cooked dinner after soccer practice by going through the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru line and we were the 100th Customer!!! They rang the bell and it really is sad how excited I got when they told me! Mallory had no clue what was going on - Ha! She was just happy that I was happy! I've always seen people be the 100th Customer and Monday night was my first time! Woo Hoo!

And when Brian is gone, Mallory and I take crazy photos to send to him while he's away. It's the least we can do :)

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, September 21, 2015

RC Homecoming Parade

Friday afternoon, Mallory got to ride in Royse City's Homecoming Parade. A couple of weeks ago, her preschool had said they would have a float in the parade and Mallory has been looking forward to it ever since then! On Friday, she woke up and the first thing she said was "It's Parade Day!"

I asked for a picture before we left and got this:

and then this:

Love my crazy girl! 

My dad rode with us and the car line to get Mallory to where she needed to be was pretty long so he and Mallory got out and he took her to where she needed to be. I finally made it and got to see her before the parade started. They sprayed gold glitter in hair and she loved it!

After I made sure she was good to go, we headed to get our spot to watch the parade.

We found our spot and the parade started. Mallory's daycare owner is also the mayor so she was at the beginning of the parade.

The parade started at 3pm and it was so very HOT! I felt so bad for the band because they had their full uniforms on but they marched and played loud and proud.

Finally, I spotted Mallory's float and made sure she heard me holler her name so she could see me, Nana and Papa.

Here parade debut:

We didn't stay for much of the rest of parade so I could go get Mallory and because we were all melting in the heat. Here is Mallory with all of her friends on their float.

It was such a fun time and Mallory kept telling everyone how she waved in the parade. Saturday morning, she woke up and told me she missed being the parade - ha! I'm so glad she got to enjoy this fun experience!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! We have made it to the end of another week and I'm happy to share some of my favorite things so here we go:

My girl. I'll be honest - 4 has been an interesting age so far. We are almost 4 months into age 4 and I'm still trying to figure out what happened - ha! These past few weeks have been difficult and while, I don't put all those hard times on social media, I know I'm not the only parent dealing with the day to day struggles so I want to say you are not alone! Parenting is hard but also wonderful. She gets me when, out of nowhere, she just says "I love you momma." Be Still My Heart. She is my favorite!

Here is me and my girl Monday night. Mallory has soccer practice on Monday nights and since there is a Sonic so close to our house, it's just easy to pick up dinner there, so we did. Brian was out of town for work so it was just the two of us enjoying our food!

Brian was out of town for multiple nights so when Nana and Papa asked if we wanted to stay with them for a night, we took them up on their offer! Mallory loves my favorite pillowcase that I had growing up so she always wants it when we are there. So glad my mom still has these things!

Wednesday night, Mallory went to Choir and Mission Friends at church. She started last week and she really likes it! I was excited for her because I knew when she turned 4 that when the Wednesday night activities started back at church, she would love being apart of these programs. I took this picture right before we went in. Her smile shows how ready she was to go in!

This week at work, we started a new bible study by Priscilla Shirer: The Armor of God. We completed her Gideon bible study in the Spring and I'm' really excited about this study! We had the introduction video yesterday and it was great. I'm grateful for a place to work where we can come together to do studies like this!

Speaking of Priscilla Shirer, I'm excited to get to see War Room this weekend! Have any of you seen it? I've heard great things so Brian and I are going to see it Saturday night. I'm really looking forward to it!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: Soccer, Tutus and More

This past weekend was busy but all filled with fun things! Friday night, Brian headed to AT&T Stadium to watch the Yellowjackets play. 

Mallory and I had planned to go but the game didn't start until after 8:00pm and I knew it would be a late night, so we opted to stay home this time! It has started to feel cooler in the evenings and Friday night felt great so we enjoyed our time outside.

Saturday morning was Mallory's second soccer game so she and Katie walked hand and hand to the soccer field.

When we got there, we found out that Mallory was playing against her friends. She was so sad she couldn't play with them but then got in the game. The girls did a lot better this week and Katie even scored a goal! After the game, Mallory got to see her friends again and she was thrilled!

After the soccer game, Mallory traded her soccer jersey and shorts for her tutu. She was excited to go to "Liesl's Turning Tutu" party. Mallory has loved the name of his party since we got the invitation and asked me to say that all the time. She would laugh so hard everytime I said Liesl's turning tutu. 

We got to The Lofland's house and Lyndsey had it decorated beautifully! 

We started singing to the birthday girl

And then she did not want us to sing anymore. Poor sweet girl!! It was a little too much

She was all better once she got some icing off her cupcake and then got open all of her great presents. The party ended with a a pinata. Will was brave and held it while the kids hit it. Mallory did pretty good and soon all the candy was out for the taking!

We had a great time celebrating Liesl! I can't believe she is already two!

Saturday night, we had our friends over for Supper Club. We had decided to start this again and we offered to host the September dinner. Our menu was simple - burgers and hot dogs. 

It was so nice just to enjoy the evening seeing all these friends who are growing up together playing in the backyard. I'm so thankful to have wonderful friends that we get to do life with.

Sunday morning, we went to church and our pastor reminded us that we, as Christians, are to daily choose who we will serve.  I'm grateful that Brian, as the leader of our home, leads us and we say together "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!"

My small group girls were thrilled that Melody had left donuts for us! It's the little things that mean the most!

Saturday afternoon, we got to relax and then we were ready for Sunday Night Football! Our SNF tradition - pizza for dinner so Dominos will see us weekly :)

Mallory was happy to sing the "I've been waiting all day for Sunday Night" theme that Carrie Underwood sings again. I was impressed she remembered from last year!

Finishing up the weekend on the couch with my favorite people makes my heart happy.

And that's a wrap!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

Happy Tuesday friends! We had many things planned for Labor Day weekend and we enjoyed the time with family and friends as well as the rest time! Here is what we were up to:

Friday night, Brian went to the Yellowjacket football game. While he was there, Mallory and I hung out and relaxed all evening. It was great and since Brian would be in late, Mallory was just more excited than anything to get to fall asleep with me in our bed. Before she came to bed, she had to get her My Little Pony: Rainbow Dash so it could lay with her. She again reminded me to call her Elsa Rainbow Dash so we will see if that's what she will still want to be called when she starts Kindergarten next year!

Saturday morning, we headed to celebrate Brian's cousin's son's Josiah's 3rd birthday! It was a Dump Truck theme and Stephanie did a great job with all the decorations. Each kid got an apron from Home Depot with their name on it and Mallory got a tape measure in her gift bag. She always likes to use Brian's so she was thrilled to have her own! It was such a fun time!

After the party, I'm pretty sure we stopped and every store in town. We needed something from a lot of stores so we ran all of our errands so when we got home, we would be home for the rest of the day. I'm just thankful we can get what we need all in our town!

When we got home, it was rest and relax time! Mallory now always wants to build tents/forts all around the house and Saturday afternoon was no different. If you are looking for her, you will probably find her in a tent that she has made. I love her creativity as she's putting them together!

Brian and I enjoyed watching college football the rest of the day! We were both so happy it was back on. Brian is a UT Longhorn fan and even though they didn't fair well against Notre Dame, we were just still happy it was back on TV. We were going back and forth through many games and I came to the conclusion that football is one of our love languages - ha! 

Sunday morning, we headed to see our nephew, Jensen, be dedicated at my brother and sister-in-law's church. All the cousins were dressed up so we had to get a picture and I'm so glad we did! I love it!

The dedication time was great and I'm so glad we were there to be apart of this special day!

After the church service, we headed to Ryan and Kate's house to celebrate Eva's 4th birthday! She had a Barbie themed party and it was wonderful! This sweet girl got so many fun presents and it was great to celebrate her!

Labor Day morning, we got up and took it easy. Mallory saw the vacuum sitting out so she decided she needed to vacuum the living room in her robe and heels! I had to capture this moment! I love her!

And yes, I'm ready to usher in Falls so I figured if I put Fall decorations out, it may help it get here sooner! It's supposed to only be a high in the 80's this week so that is a start! 

I went in to work for a bit since we had a lot of work coming in over the long weekend so Mallory went up to the office with me! She always wants to go with me so it was a win/win for both of us. She kept telling me that she loved my work! I loved having her with me.

Monday afternoon, our friends, Shane, Lauren and their baby girl, Genevieve, came over for a visit. We hadn't had just a time a to hang out in a long time so it was great to see them and enjoyed the company. Mallory was thrilled to hold Genevieve and Genevieve liked it for a minute and then was done! 

And now we are back to regular scheduled programming. We loved the extra long weekend and are blessed to get back to work and school that we enjoy. Have a great week!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Favorites & First Day of Preschool

Happy Friday! Linking up to share my Friday Favorites this week!


Tuesday, Mallory started Preschool! Her last first day of Preschool! She told me she was excited to work on her letters and numbers again. 

Three years of First Day pics

We get to see what she worked on each day in her folder so she's always happy to show me that in her backpack! We are excited for another great year!


On top of the football and soccer games this past weekend, we had some other fun on top of it. We got to celebrate Lydia's first birthday!

I can't believe she is 1! Everything looked great and we had a great time celebrating her! Mallory of course loved being in the middle of all of her friends and putting on Layla and Ella's dress-up clothes

Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl! 


Sunday evening, the guys came to our house for their Fantasy Football Draft. They needed another person to have enough for the draft, so I did the auto draft but am secretly hoping I'm able to beat them all :)


Last night, we got to cheer Caleb on at his first home football game! He played well but they lost on the very last play of the game. Good job #14!

Mallory had fun until the Yellowjacket mascot got too close. Then she had to have someone hold her because she is scared to death of it! Thankfully Mrs. Kristen was close to hold her

Mallory yelled "Go Caleb" towards the end of the game, he heard her and smiled at her from the field. She was thrilled and kept telling me that "Caleb smiled at her!"  Love their sweet relationship!


It's always interesting to see what verses pop out at me even though I've read them before. I read this last weekend and have been repeating it often. Simple directions to help us through each day.

And now the three day weekend is upon us! Have a good one!