Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Homecoming Game & Dance 2014

Friday night, we headed to the football stadium for Rockwall's Homecoming game. Mallory and I got our orange on and headed to cheer the Jacket's on.

We will work on getting Brian an orange shirt but black will do! At least it wasn't the blue for his high school that Rockwall was playing.

We were excited to get to watch the game with our family and friends. Mallory couldn't wait to see Katie and the rest of the Ballard family that we love so much! Brooke looked adorable in her outfit! 

Such sweet friends. Jalie told me I was her best "old" friend. Ha! I'll take it!

We had a good time watching the homecoming festivities and seeing all the pretty dresses.

After halftime, Mallory and Katie got to go down on the track with our church's children's minister, Shelley. Shelley wanted me to bring Mallory down to her and I knew Mallory would love it and I was right. She was thrilled! We love Mrs. Shelley!

Katie and Mallory didn't know where to look because there was so much going on!

Mallory loves the cheerleaders & The Stingerettes so she was so excited to get a picture with them.  Abby, the one holding Mallory, was crowned the Homecoming Queen this year! Abby's dad, Russ, loves Mallory and he plays with her every time he sees her. This is a great pic!

Katie and Mallory with the Stingerettes

And then we found our favorite Stingerette, Mrs. Shelley's daughter, Brooke

And another one with Brooke and more Stingerettes

Mallory was smiling big all night long. It was such a wonderful night! And even better, the Jackets won big!

Saturday night, was the Homecoming Dance. This was Caleb's first homecoming dance and we went over to see him before he left. Brian tied Caleb's tie for him and then helped him put it on and get it straight. 

Once he was all dressed and ready to go, we went and took pictures before he left. We all got a turn with the handsome guy

We took Caleb to where he was going to eat with his friends and his date, Savanah. Savanah's mom took these pics I think this picture of them turned out great. I loved Savanah's dress. Cute couple!

And I love this picture of Caleb and Stephanie. So Sweet!

And that brings the Homecoming weekend to an end. So many sweet memories were made. We can't wait until next year!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: September 26-28, 2014

Friday night, we headed back to the football stadium for Rockwall's Homecoming Game vs Lakeview Centennial. Brian graduated from Lakeview Centennial and was going to wear his school colors of blue but didn't :). Mallory was excited that her friend Katie was going to be there so we loaded up and headed back to cheer the Yellowjackets on.

We had a great time and I will post more about Homecoming in a separate post because it was just so much fun. While we were walking, Mallory's friend from school, Mabry, yelled her name and when they saw each other, they both got so excited - it was so cute! So these three girls played a while together while the game was going on. I love the friendships that Mallory has.

Saturday morning, Mallory and Brian headed for their breakfast date and then went to see Cade play his flag football game. They won! When they got home, Mallory and I played games and put puzzles together. We did go through all her puzzles and make sure we had all the pieces to them. I didn't think it was going to be the big task it ended up being. Who knew she had so many puzzles??

Last week as we were headed to Caleb's game, Mallory sang her ABC's all the way through for the first time. I loved hearing her little voice singing them so I finally got her to sing it for me Saturday. This list is missing some letters :)

It's so great watching her learn and we loved putting this puzzle together and talking about each of the letters and words that they start with.

Saturday evening, we headed to see Caleb as he got ready to go the Homecoming dance. He looked so handsome and Mallory was happy to get her picture with him!

We had Cade stay with us and Brian and he both couldn't wait to make their traditional french bread pizzas and I made Sausage balls so I know Cade was happy to have some of his favorite foods.

These three had so much fun together

Sunday morning, I actually got up and made pancakes. I told Brian not to get used to it - ha, I usually just make cinnamon rolls but I decided to make pancakes and bacon for breakfast for our guest. My mom used to make big breakfasts for us when I was growing up so it made me think of all the good Sunday breakfasts she used to make.

We headed to church and I love this picture of my two favorite people heading into worship

Sunday afternoon, you guessed it, we just relaxed. We definitely take the time to relax, enjoy our family time together and get ready for the week ahead. We love it!

And that's a wrap!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Homecoming Parade

Last night, we headed to watch the homecoming parade! When I told Mallory that we were going to the parade, she asked if Minnie Mouse was going to be there. Sidebar: I recorded the Disney Christmas parade last year and we still watch it from time to time because she likes to see all the Disney princesses and characters so when she thinks parade, she thinks of that. I had to tell her over and over that Minnie Mouse wasn't going to be there but that the cheerleaders would be so that seemed to perk her up.

I finally was able to get her a shirt this week and Mallory was excited to wear it.

Lyndsey got there to get us a spot on the parade route. We got to sit with our friends and family!

My sweet family

Once the parade was starting, the kids got their seats to watch it!

From the moment it started, they kids were loving it. They waved to everybody and Mallory loved seeing the Stingerettes and all of the homecoming court in their pretty dresses.

We got to see some friends in the parade. We saw Mrs. Melody, our friend Britanie, and Brooke and Rachel that are on the homecoming court

Last but not least, the Yellowjacket came on the fire truck. Mallory repeatedly told me she wanted to see the Yellowjacket but not to touch it :)

And then after it was over, I got these pics of these two adorable kids. The one of her standing behind Liam is one of my favorite pics ever!

We had a lot of fun and we are loving supporting our Yellowjackets this year!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: September 19-21, 2014

Our weekend started out with a trip to Sweet Frog for some Frozen Yogurt. Most Fridays, I'm able to leave work early so I picked Mallory up and we went for a treat. And yes, Sophia had to join us for our Fro Yo date.

We had nothing planned this weekend. Nothing. We've had so much going on these past weekends that Brian and I were looking forward to not having anywhere to be. Friday night, we decided to do all the cleaning so we didn't have to do it all on Saturday on Sunday so Brian mowed outside and I cleaned inside. Mallory colored our walkway and played.


I think she played hard. She came in after being outside and had dirt all over her but as you can tell by the smile on her face, she had fun and that's all that matters.

Saturday morning, Brian and Mallory went on their usual Saturday morning breakfast date and I headed to Aspasians. Aspasians is a local art and craft fair that has booths that people can sell their creations and the money that the vendors pay for their spots goes to scholarships for students in our two high schools. It was held in the parking lot of our football stadium. I got there a little after 10:00 am and it was already hot so I didn't stay very long. I will save my money before I go next year because there were so many pretty wreaths, decorations and tons of little girl outfits that I wanted to buy!

Saturday evening, we headed to eat at our favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse. If you are looking for us on a Saturday night, we are usually there. We are creatures of habit and we enjoy it! And we love the cinnamon butter for the rolls.

We walked around Firewheel after dinner and Mallory had to ride the train. She was the only one on it and loved it!

Sunday morning, we headed to church. Sundays are my favorite days! I love worshiping with my family and then being with my 9th grade girls. I love talking with Mallory about what she's learned in Sunday School, too!

I've tried to get her to wear some more cute headbands. She likes them in the beginning but they usually come out a short time after but she wanted to wear her pink flower one yesterday and I thought it looked so cute! When she takes pictures, she doesn't know what to do with her hands so she just puts them on her hips and we get these poses most of the time :)

Sunday was Baby Dedication day at our church. I love baby dedication day!! Our friends, The Calhouns, dedicated Lydia and all the girls had matching dresses. They looked adorable! 

I think Mallory played hard Sunday morning at church because she was exhausted when we got home. Mallory took a very long nap and slept on my arm most of the time. My arm had fallen asleep halfway through but I didn't want to move to wake her up. I know many of my mom friends have all been in that situation and understand :)

We relaxed the rest of Sunday and enjoyed our time together before the work/school week begins again. I got this picture of these twins as they both relaxed on the bed with their iPads. I love them so much!

And that's a wrap!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Back Together

For most of this week, Brian was in Nevada for work. Mallory and I really miss Brian while he's away and I know it's not easy for him to be away but it's part of the job and he is so good at his job! I'm glad I get to see that everyday! Brian left early Monday morning and so while Daddy was away, we played!

Mallory got to stay at her favorite place Monday night - Nana and Papa's. My dad sent me this picture of Mallory's drawing of me. At first I thought she thinks I have a beard but my friends said it could be a red dress. Either way, I love it and if it is a beard she drew, please tell me when I need to shave!

Tuesday night, we headed to gymnastics. For some reason on this night, she just HAD to put on her sunglasses as we got out of the car and wear them inside.

After I picked Mallory up from school on Wednesday, we headed to Party City to get Mallory's Halloween costume. She has been saying for the past month that she wants to be Sofia the First so I figured since we had an evening with nothing planned, we would go ahead and head to get her dress. 

Party City has a full wall of pictures of costumes to choose from when you walk in so Mallory was overwhelmed when she started looking but we found Sofia and got her dress. They have a little dressing room to try them on so I let her go in to see if the dress would fit. I love her face as she looks in the mirror 

As we were leaving the store, she said "I want to be Elsa." Ha! Just like my friends said, indecisiveness is part of being a woman and being three.

Mallory and I headed for dinner together at On The Border and she was cracking me up. We had the best time.

When we got home, Mallory had to put her dress on and FaceTime with Brian. I caught her in mid pose showing her Daddy her new dress.

Brian loved his note that I spoke about earlier this week that Mallory showed him before left. We put it back for him to look at again when he got to his hotel.

Brian was supposed to come back home Thursday afternoon but I was so happy when he texted me early Thursday  morning to tell me he had caught a much earlier flight home. He went to pick Mallory up from school and she was so happy that he was there to pick her up. We are both so happy we are back together as a family! Distance does make the heart grow fonder. We are so thankful for all Brian does for our family! 

Hope you have a great weekend!