Friday, October 31, 2014

2014 Fall Festival

I was getting my blog post ready for Friday and realized I could combine my Fall Festival blog with Five on Friday and Friday Favorites. Yes, it's sad how excited I get over little things like this. So here is our Fall Festival in Five on Friday style.

ONE: Family

After work on Wednesday, Mallory got ready at my parent's house so they could see her in her dress before we headed to our church's Fall Festival. She was so excited to put her dress, shoes and crown on!  Mallory has been wanting to be Sofia the First since the first time I asked what she wanted to be for Halloween. So happy to show her dress to Nana and Papa

I got to have my picture with the princess before we left too!

TWO: Flashback

Yes, I had to a flashback just to see my sweet girl in the past years. Here is Sofia when we first got to the Fall Festival

A look at years past

And Lyndsey and I made sure we got our yearly pic of Liam and Mallory or for this year, the Big Bad Wolf and Sofia

How have they grown so fast??

THREE: Friends

Mallory was so excited to see all of her friends at the Fall Festival. She kept asking on the way there if all of her friends where going to be there and I said Yes. I love this photo of these beautiful girls

Group photo - we love these sweet friends: Ella, Layla, Katie, Liam & Liesl!!

We got to see Zoey aka Doc McStuffins 

We also got to see Karlyn aka the cutest cowgirl in the west!

And..we got to see Kinsley aka Jesse. This was a sweet reunion because Kinsley has moved and we don't get to see her as much as we used too. These two were both excited to see each other again!!

Four: FUN

Our church did a great job with all of the fun activities and games. She got to go on a hay ride with Kinsley and Macyn. I think Mallory was just as excited to see Jill as she was Kinsley!

She was thrilled to see Cinderella's carriage!

The whole night Mallory was eyeing the Bounce Houses so we made sure we headed there

She really wanted to do the slide and I cheered her on as she climbed. I had to tie her dress in the front so she would be able to climb easily.

We made one last round on the games as the festival was ending

And Mallory and Liam LOADED up with candy. I love that Mallory has two hands full of candy and Liam is going back in for more!

FIVE: Full

We had so much fun with our friends and church family and my heart is so full when we get to do such fun things with them. Seeing the smile on Mallory's face all night was so much fun too! This was the first year that she could really do a lot of the activities and games since the festival was rained out last year. It's been two years since we've had the Fall Festival so we were all looking forward to it again. And getting to enjoy with my two favorite people makes me feel so fulfilled!

Speaking of full, that is the word that describes Mallory's pumpkin that held her candy. It is so full and was pretty heavy so I guess Brian and I will HAVE to go through it and help empty it out :) We are looking forward to trick or treating tonight so it the pumpkin may get full again!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kiwi Crate Fun - The Wild West

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Brettni asked if we would like to try out a Kiwi Crate for free and of course I said Yes! I'd seen her posts on opening hers with her kids and the crafts and activities looked likes so much fun for Mallory and I to do together. We got ours and finally had time to open it Saturday night and see what all their was.

She was a little excited and of course realized afterwards that I let her open the box upside down

The theme was the Wild West. Once we got everything out, we looked at it all and decided what we should do first

We chose to make the horse as our first project. I'll be honest. Thank goodness they make the instructions so easy that even I can do it.  

I did the beginning work of putting the horse together and Mallory followed up by adding the eyes, ears, nose and mouth

And here is the finished product. She loved it! She held onto it all weekend long! It had to go to bed with her Saturday night :)

Our next craft was making bean bags for the bean bag game 

Mallory got to help more on this one. She helped me cut, tape, put the cotton balls in the bags and put the stickers on the bags.

All done and ready to play

We had to cute a hole in the lasso so we would have a hole to throw the bean bags through.

She was so happy to take pictures of me throughout this process too

We found the perfect spot to hang it - on her play house. The hole in the play house fit perfectly with the hole in the lasso

We each took turns tossing the bean bags

Once she was done playing with the bean bags, Mallory went back and colored the coloring pages in her book and cut out some of the things they had. I was so happy they sent a pair of small safety scissors. I'd been meaning to get some for her but now I don't have to since it came with the box of stuff!

Thank you Brettni for sharing this with us! We really enjoyed it and played the bean bag toss again last night! So much fun!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: October 24-26, 2014

The weekend began with Friday Night Football! Mallory likes that she and I both have orange shirts to wear to the games so we had to take a picture together before the game. We are big Jacket fans!

They passed out the blow up sticks at the game and Mallory had a good time just hitting Daddy with them :)

We were so excited that our friends, The Loflands came to the game too. Mallory was so thrilled her Liam and Liesl were there!

And Mallory had to show Brooke her new pom-poms. Here is our weekly Friday night pic with Brooke - and Liam too!

And Rockwall won! It was a fun night!!

Saturday morning, we got to go to Shannon's baby shower. We are so excited for Josh and Shannon and cannot wait to meet baby Aiden. I've been looking forward to her shower since she announced she was pregnant!

This one was so excited to go to the baby shower. We've been to many this year so she knows there are presents and that there is usually cake there so she was ready when I told her we were going. 

Shannon received many great gifts! It was so fun to shower her with gifts! Now, we can't wait to meet Aiden!

Saturday after naps, we headed outside to open the Kiwi Crate and see what was all in there. It felt so good outside and we had so much fun putting the crafts together, including making this horse.

Saturday evening, Mallory and I snuggled up to watch a movie. My kind of perfection.

Sunday morning, we headed to church and Mallory had to take her new bible - a New Testament that she received at Fun Fest. She loves it! And yes, that is a Summer dress she is wearing to church because it was almost 90 yesterday. Fall temps please come soon.

Our pastor's sermon was so good and I am dwelling on this verse that he referenced. It's so simple and profound. This is what is required of me and what I need to do.

Sunday afternoon we rested and then spent most of the rest of the day outside. Brian mowed and organized the garage (his kind of fun), Mallory played and I finished reading a book I had to read for work. It was a great evening and now we are ready for a new work/school week! Our church's Fall Festival and Halloween this week and I know a certain three year old who cannot wait to finally wear her costume for longer than just trying it on! Have a great week friends!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Five on Friday & Friday Favorites


Can we just get a hallelujah that we made it to the weekend?? Monday was a Monday so Brian and I definitely thought we deserved dessert. It's always interesting working with your spouse. There are days you want to come home and not talk about work but that's really all we have to talk about when we get home :) Thankfully, we have Mallory to get us out of work mode and into family/home mode but living with a three year old is not easy. She is going through a very clingy phase where she just wants me and does not want to do anything without me. Yes, I'm grateful she loves me but it's been hard when I've had to leave and she cries. Being three is hard. And being thirty-two is hard sometimes too. Yay for Friday!


So, this week, this song has been on repeat. I love a good worship song and I really love Meredith Andrews. Open Up The Heavens is a wonderful song. Enjoy.


We've been enjoying the cooler evenings and we played hopscotch outside this week. We are also trying to have more routine in our evening routine so Mallory can know when it's dinner time, play time, bath time, rest time and bed time. I know it won't happen every night but it is nice when we are home to try and do it. She wanted her Disney book to read when she went to bed this week which match perfectly with her Disney Princess pillow.


I'm still loving reading a Proverbs chapter every day and am learning so much! So many great words that God wants us to hear and to live by. It is such a good way to start out the day!


I know its' not even Halloween but I really would love to make a wreath like this for Christmas. The how-to looks easy enough but I do not have one crafty bone in my body. Who wants to make one with for me??

On that note, have a wonderful weekend!!

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